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Anderson Floor Mats   The Andersen Mat Company’s high quality and innovation are known
worldwide. Anderson Mats continuous development of new technologically
advanced mat products assures our customers that Andersen mats are
unparalleled in quality and performance. product offering has steadily
grown to include over 30 products in a myriad of colors and sizes.
Products range from entrance mats to interior finishing mats to
industrial mats for anti-fatigue and traction control.
Bostik   Never-Seez is the recognized brand leader in anti-seize compounds,
sealants, lubricants & Hot Melt Glue Sticks, Epoxies. Hot Melt Glue
Guns, Caulks, Aerosol Adhesives & Specialty Woodworking Products.
Band-It Clamps   BAND-IT manufactures a wide array of fastening and clamping systems and
stainless steel band clamps. The Worlds leader in quality engineered
band clamping systems. BAND-IT products are used all over the world for
permanent and temporary fastening in such industries as: aviation,
communication, automotive, utilities, sign and signal, shipping, oil and
gas, transportation, agriculture, construction and industrial. Band-It
Band, Buckles, Clips, Preformed Clamps, Cable Ties, and most important
of all Band-It Tools provide clamps that are universally recognized as
efficient, easy to apply and superior in quality. BAND-IT was founded in
Denver, Colorado in 1937 and quickly became recognized as the leader in
its field.
Carlisle Power Transmission   Carlisle is a driving force in keeping industry running when it comes to power transmission belts. From machine tools, injection and molding machines to mixers, conveyors, and a wide array of processing equipment, Carlisle has one of the most complete lines in the industry to supply just the right belt for your industrial needs.
Dampney Products   Dampney Company, Inc. of Everett, Mass., has designed, developed,
manufactured, and distributed engineered coating systems for specialized
applications. Dampney serves the refining, petro chemical, chemical
processing, oil & gas, pipeline, power, OEM, pulp & paper, and
materials processing markets.
ITW/Dymon   The unbeatable cleaning power of SCRUBS Hand Cleaner Towels remains an industry leader. The patented, citrus-based formula is combined with a
tough, textured blue towel to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and
grease leaving your hands truly clean. The effectiveness of pumice soap
in a one-step, premoistened towel allows you to use SCRUBS Hand Cleaner
Towels anywhere, anyplace, anytime! Proven way to clean your hands!
Krylon Products Group   Krylon Products Group offers a comprehensive line of commercial products
to meet the specific and dynamic application needs of the industrial
and contractor end-user market. Under its Krylon® Industrial, Sprayon®,
Tri-Flow®, White Lightning®, and Rubberset® brand names, the company
manufactures and supplies premium paints, applicators, lubricants,
electronic cleaners, degreasers, adhesives and caulks for use in
numerous industries. With its vast product development resources, Krylon
Products Group holds a leadership position in technological advances,
developing new innovations and consistently improving product offerings
to deliver high quality, high performance solutions.
LPS Lubricants   LPS Lubricants have become our #1 selling line of industrial lubricants,
greases and rust inhibitors in 2010. We feel the quality is top of the
line in today’s highly competitive industrial market. From packaging to
performance, LPS keeps leading the way over the competition. Check out
our line of LPS 1, LPS 2, LPS 3 and many more!
Markal   Paint Markers designed to meet the most difficult industrial marking
applications. From the originators of the B Paintstik, JD offers the
industrial professional permanent and temporary marking products
including solid paint markers, Valve action paint markers.
Staybond   Staybond metal adhesive products lock fasteners, hold parts in place,
seal joints and fittings, and fill pores in castings and powdered metal
parts. They seal and lock metal components such as screws, nuts, studs,
and retaining devices, and they replace metal fasteners. Staybond metal
adhesive products remain liquid as long as they’re exposed to air. Only
after application on metal components and assemblies, in the absence of
air does the polymerization process begin and bonding occurs. Material
remaining on the surface exposed to air, of course remains liquid and
can be wiped away.
TPI Industrial   TPI is a leading manufacture of Industrial & Commercial Fans, Task
Lighting and industrial Heaters. TPI products are made with pride by
American works in the great state of Tennessee.
Vibra-Tite   Vibra-TITE is one of the world’s market leaders in threadlockers,
anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies and ultra-violet technologies.
Vibra-TITE is quickly becoming one of the most highly respected names in
the adhesive industry. Vibra-TITE products can be compared to the same
high quality and superior performance of other name brand products at a
Wright Tools   Wright tools are manufactured to the ISO 9001 standard. This
International standard of quality assures customers of top performance
and value. Utilizing four different hot-forging processes and 4140 alloy
steel yields longer wear, higher strength and better reliability than
cold-formed tools. One-source control over the entire process guarantees
the highest quality hand tools in the industry. Priced right and made
in the USA!